At NatureWise we are always finding great inspiration for healthier lifestyles online by like-minded people from around the globe. The following websites we especially like. Enjoy!

Public Interest and Food Safety

WHO– global health, research and trends

Institute of Integrative Nutrition - Improving health and happiness for Americans and throughout the world

Center for Science and Public Interest

NLM - United States National Librabry of Medicine (NLM). 

The Center for Food Safety - Advocacy group challenging harmful food production practices

Chemical Additives - Guide to all the chemical additives in food

Truth in Labeling – Hidden names for MSG

Label Watch - what is in those popular foods

Food Facts - Find out what’s in your food

Fooducate - Rate the nutritional quality of your food choices

Food Politics  - How the Food industry influences Nutrition and Health

Cornucopia Institute - research and investigations on agricultural and food issues

 The Food Babe - Clean food advocate

The ORAC guide - The ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) unit, ORAC value, or “ORAC score” is a method of measuring the antioxidant capacity of different foods and supplements. It is believed that foods higher on the ORAC scale will more effectively neutralize free radicals. According to the free-radical theory of aging, this will slow the oxidative processes and free radical damage that can contribute to age-related degeneration and disease.

All Organic

Organic Consumers - Food safety, Fair Trade and environmental sustainability

NOFA – Northeast Organic Farming Association

 Organic Authority - Dedicated source of all things organic

Food Democracy Now - Advocacy group

Living Maxwell - Guide to organic food and drink

EWG Shopper's Guide to Clean Food - The Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen

GMOs – Genetically Modified Organisms

Non-GMO Project - Check to see if products are Non-GMO certified

Just Label It - Federal labeling initiative

Proposition 37- Clear Facts about Proposition 37 - right to know what's in your food

Institute of Responsible Technology - Education on GMOs, Non-GMO Shopping Guide

Safe Cosmetics

EWG Cosmetics Database - Safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products

The Green Beauty Guide - latest trends and research in natural cosmetics, natural and organic skincare, hair care and makeup

No More Dirty Looks - The Truth About Your Beauty Products and the Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Cosmetics By Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt

Nutrition Experts

Dr. Weil  

Dr. Mercola

Dr. Deepak Chopra

Dr. Neal Barnard

Dr. Mark Hyman 

Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Dr. Christine Northrup

Cancer Specific

Cancer Prevention Coalition

Kris Carr – Crazy Sexy Cancer

Hippocrates Institute

Dr. Burzynski Clinic

Gerson Institute

Cool sites and foods

KUR Organic Superfoods - Delicious organic foods – no additives, no gluten, no added sugar,
no artificial sweeteners and no milk


Healthy Child - Healthy World   - Empower parents, promote solutions and influence policy - so we have access to safe products for our kids

Hear From the Experts

This video explores the many reasons that Health Coaches are desperately needed in our health care system, and how the viewer can play a major role in improving global wellness.